Social Media Marketing

When I speak to a lot of people about their social media marketing many will give the instant response “I’ve already tried Facebook and Twitter and they never really worked for my business!”
It’s hard to explain to them that having a free page or profile dedicated to their business isn’t quite enough to stand out from the crowd.
Of course your immediate friends and family will give you a like or a follow, your loyal customers will bump up the numbers a little and you’ll even get the odd few who like one of your posts and so follow you.
But that market is quickly soaked up and if you are not regularly updating your page or account with engaging content then the next time a user purges their account you’ll likely get the chop.

To say Facebook and Twitter don’t work is like admitting you can’t think of anything interesting to say and there’s not many of us that would say that!

If I were to say to you as a business owner, “If you give me £50 I’ll send 5 people to your business.” and it was then down to you to convert them into customers, you’d probably say that it was worth a punt, especially if you’re pushing a product or service that you can charge quite a bit for.
Social Media these days is no different, you do need to spend a regular budget on social media advertising. Algorithms these days look at so much criteria that it’s difficult to expand your reach using organic methods. By this I mean posting free posts.
The likes of competitions work to a degree but again will only have a limited reach.

To expand your following these days you really do need to assign a budget of some kind to social media marketing and that itself should be part of a larger Digital Marketing plan. I know that small businesses already struggle with their marketing budgets and knowing quite where to put that budget is a minefield of conflicting advice, but at least with your digital marketing you can track where every penny is used. You can see with which content and ads people engage and change content as you go on, you can target the demographic that fits your business best and learn from the results.
Digital marketing is a skill these days. One that it’s worth investing in to help take your business to the next stage of growth and raise your brand awareness.
The audience you desire is there already you just have to know how to tap into it.


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