The shift of digital adspend – are you ready?

For years when discussing anything digital whether it be display ads, search ads or social media advertising we’ve been obsessed with click through rates (CTR).
Impressions and CTR where almost a currency within the digital world and used as an indication of success for a campaign, but the digital landscape is changing.

With ever increasing digital marketing budgets businesses now want more than a decent CTR when receiving their results, they want sales!

Of course there will always be campaigns that require brand awareness and many small spend clients will still be keen on sending people to their sites or social media pages, but at the end of the day it’s the sales that are important.

With technology constantly advancing and data only getting richer and richer marketers are in a strong position to offer more to their clients.
New data points and metrics open up a new world of opportunity for marketers. If we can show our client that their campaign was responsible for 20 sales or for 20,000 people viewing the ad, which do we think the client will choose? It’s the sales every time. It’s money in the bank, and real ROI.

We as marketers are going to have to adjust our working methods to meet our clients needs, but on the plus sides those clients continue to invest larger and larger budgets into their marketing budgets for digital.