Email Marketing – Key for 2019

2019 promises to be another fast paced year in the world of Digital Marketing.
Surprising as it may be for some of you I am going to tip email as being the key to your business marketing strategy for the upcoming year.
Yes I am talking about 2019 not 2009!
Your commitment to a robust Digital Marketing Strategy has never been more important and yes you will continue to embrace the various social media platforms for their reach but with the introduction of GDPR our old friend the email newsletter could well become key in our 2019 strategy when it comes to response!

After the headache and worry that came with the implementation of GDPR rules in 2018, 2019 will see that work begin to see results.
How? Well previously we had hundreds and in some cases thousands of email addresses subscribed to our newsletters and websites, many of which were one time visitors that had no interest in our services. Since the introduction of GDPR we started with a clean slate, and that slate consists of a lot fewer people but people who are a lot more likely to listen to what we have to say, people who have agreed to hear from us, people that we can target a little further along in the sales funnel than most.

Ann Handley ( @annhandley ), Chief Content Officer  for MarketingProfs agrees.
In a page from the Content Marketing Institutes Predictions for 2019 she says.

“Email newsletters will re-emerge as an important nurturing vehicle.”
“Here’s why I believe in the power of email newsletters even more strongly today as we head in to 2019:
1) An email newsletter is the only place where individuals – not algorithms – are in control. So what if marketing leaned into that inherently personal space?
2) Most companies today use their email newsletter as a distribution strategy. What if we focused not on the news but on the letter?”

A key point from what Ann Handley says there is “…individuals – not algorithms – are in control.”
Real people! We are not trying to second guess how an algorithm will decide who, when and where will see our content. We have our audience and it is now important that we can produce strong, relevant content for them to read and link back to us through.

Write well. Don’t just list a few things that are on your website or your latest news. Grab their attention with a topic that is relevant and offer a viewpoint that your readers can associate with and relate to. The more you can do this the more likely they are to read through and click through to your site for more. They are also more likely to share amongst colleagues who in turn will convert to subscribers growing your key audience organically.