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About Me

/Who Am I

A Digital Marketing, Internet & Social Media Consultant with over 20 years experience.
Starting off in Microsoft Access DB development and moving into web development when the internet was still in its infancy, I have been responsible for building websites for large companies such as T.J.Morris,, Palletline UK and NWN Media Ltd.

Sites and projects I have worked on have been featured in the National press such as the Guardian, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail as well as television coverage such as CNN news and many of the UK’s Internet publications.
I have also worked on BAFTA nominated projects and digital projects which have been responsible for creating ground breaking territory, such as the first geo located ad system for the newspaper industry.
I hold diplomas in Web Design, Advanced Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Ultimate Digital Marketing Programme, Advanced Diploma in SEO and Advanced Diploma in Internet Marketing.

I am also Google Certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

- Steve Jobs -


/What I do

Whatever size your business, building a successful digital strategy can be a daunting process. Whether you are just starting off online or whether you have an established website there are goals and targets you need to set your business to accomplish a successful digital venture.
I have 20 years of digital experience covering website and social media management as well as development and database design. Many Businesses these days are hiring a social media manager. Small to medium businesses can struggle with resource and cost of hiring someone full time to fill that role. I can manage your social media and websites for a set monthly fee. Contact me for more details

If you already have a website but find it perhaps is not performing for you there are several digital marketing opportunities that can help put you in front of targeted audiences. Contact me for more info.

Reach your potential – Reach your audience

Having a website or social media platform is a great start but how do you get people there? Getting to the top of organic search can take time so use my marketing expertise to get your business in front of people with a genuine interest in your product or service.

  1. We can identify an audience to suit your product or service
  2. Serve your adverts for products and services directly to that audience so no wasted budget.
  3. Get relevant traffic to your website or social media platforms

Visit Our Digital Marketing site and request a FREE business study. We will be able to tell you where your business can grow!

Website builds start from as little as £350 ex vat

Websites do not have to cost thousands of pounds and be over complicated. The key thing is to have a presence that your customers can:

  1. Easily find
  2. Easily navigate
  3. Easily communicate directly to you through

For £350 you can get your business online and in front of potential clients 24/7
A £350 website will get you a unique 1 page website that will operate across all platforms (desktop, mobile & tablet) and 2 annual updates.
For larger sites including multiple page sites, members sites, e-commerce etc. bespoke prices are proposed based on the complexity of each site.
Annual hosting, secure certificate and domain renewal fees apply and will be agreed before any work commences.


Let me help you identify a strategy that will not only benefit your business but also fit in with your budget. Whatever that budget may be. By identifying your business requirements i can help build a successful, cost effective solution.


Having a website is great but people have to find it and the content on it needs to be up to date, relevant and provoke action. I can look after your social media and website on a day to day basis, driving people to your door for a set monthly fee.


I will not just set up social media profiles or websites and then leave you in the wilderness. I will help you every step of the way to build an online presence, understand what it can do for you and guide you along the way. I understand every  business is different.


20years of digital experience
20years web design
10years internet coordination
4coffees drunk per day


/Highlights & Milestones


Secondary School

Ysgol Bryn Alyn

I attended Ysgol Bryn Alyn School in Gwersyllt North Wales. At that age I had no idea what career I wanted. I was in the top sets for everything, although I didn't apply myself fully back then, resulting in me now being one of those parents that says to his kids "Try hard in school, I wish I had!" I think they listen as much as I did at their age. I left school with a handful of GCSE's in 1990.

From 16 – 23

The formative years

Life became my education. I worked in a wide range of places. The armed forces, a chicken farm, a washer factory, various building sites and road works, open cast mining sites and a spell living in the USA travelling and experiencing all that life had to throw at me. I look back on those years with great fondness, meeting some fantastic people and gaining some great memories and stories along the way.


The digital revolution

Courses, databases and the world wide web

I enrolled myself on a couple of NVQ courses in Systems design and programming. It came pretty easy to me and soon I was developing pieces of software and databases  using Microsoft Access. I passed the courses in as quick a time as possible and found a company that gave me a break.

Courses & Further Learning

If you think you know it all now, tomorrow you wont!

The beauty of working within the digital industry is that it's ever evolving. If you think you know it all now, tomorrow you wont! You have to keep yourself in the game by constantly learning new technology, new techniques of writing and working that keep you at the front of the queue. This is particularly true when it comes to social media and SEO. You think you've cracked a method for getting clients boosted within search engines and suddenly those search engines amend their algorithms and you need to amend your methods to adapt. It may sound like a nuisance but I see it as progress, and if I can learn new skills along the way then I like to do so. Some courses I have completed along the way include:

  • Advanced Diploma in Internet Marketing
  • Advanced Diploma in SEO
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  • Prospecting and Lead Generation Diploma
  • Level 2 Certificate in HR & Employment Law
  • Estate Agent Diploma CPD Accredited
You may ask "Why do a diploma or estate agency or HR?" I have done some work for clients in these fields and i like to have a good understanding of the area I am working within. I'm happy to learn and get an understanding of YOUR business to help drive it forward.

2017 / 18
1998 - 2000

Web Development

Active Projects

I became a database developer creating systems for several clients including Liverpool Royal Infirmary. This was also the beginning of the Web really becoming mainstream. I started developing websites and databases using Microsoft products and quickly found myself a higher paid position working in Chester. I developed a unique site for the T.J.Morris group,, the site was a great success. It had a major launch in Liverpool and was featured in many of the UK internet magazines of the time getting a lot of praise as a stand out e-commerce website, ahead of its time. I was a full blown web developer and I liked it.

A worlds first


Active Projects, joined with a group of great young games developers and we became We built the Worlds first multiplayer email gaming system. I was responsible for creating the entire website back then. It was unique and grew to a massive community of over 600,000 users. Players could trade equip themselves with items through the website that would then appear in their inventory online. It all sounds quite trivial now doesn't it, but this was a first. We had press the world over talking about us, CNN News, the Guardian, Internet Magazines, celebrities . . . . it was "Internet Rock n Roll".

2000 - 2002
2002 - 2004

First Internet Marketing

300 websites between 2 developers . . . easy

I moved to a company in Hale, Nr Altricham. First Internet Marketing, a small company run by great people. Everyone wanted to be online by this time. First Internet developed and managed 300 websites, and between just 2 developers that's quite some going! Never a quiet moment due to the sheer workload but I enjoyed every minute learning a lot along the way. Creating a wide range of different sites. Palletline Uk, Unitruck, Salford Shopping City, Reclaimed Brick uk. Each have niche markets and niche websites. Features that hadn't before been seen on websites. We were proud to break new ground all the time for customers, and the customers were always happy to push us to the limit.

Read all about it

NWN Media Ltd / Newsquest

NWN Media / Newsquest NWN Media were a newspaper publisher and multimedia company with a portfolio of websites. I was their lead web developer creating both client websites and websites for the company themselves. When I joined NWN Media the Internet was making in the region of £36,000 a year for the company. With a lot of redevelopment, initiatives and hard work over the next few years that figure would grow massively. We developed ground breaking sites, being the first news publishers to geolocate all our stories and advertisers. The idea caught the imagination of many other publishers worldwide, finding ourselves featured as far away as Australia and the USA as a leader in our field, the other boys were playing catch up. I moved into the role or Internet Coordinator overseeing the portfolio of websites, 3rd party relationships and supporting sales teams. It was a varied role which included development, ad creation, ad booking, feed creation, script management, server management, social media and communication between third parties.. NWN was taken over by Newsquest in 2016 when I moved into a digital marketing role creating advertising campaigns for clients in Google Adwords and Facebook Ad Manager. We saw a 400% increase in revenues during my time as Digital Marketing Executive.

2003 - 2019
2020 - Present

Here and now . . .

theDM Limited

I have recently set up my own digital marketing business, Thedm Limited. Thedm Limited puts businesses directly in front of their ideal audience by running targeted advertising campaigns on their behalf. Running Google Adwords Campaigns, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising and Linked in Ads allows a business to get in front of the perfect end user to purchase their products or services with no wasted budget. Contact me for more info

Away from the 9-5

Sites, guidance and strategy

If you build it they will come

Outside of my 9 til 5 job for NWN media, I've been responsible for developing many websites for small businesses and causes as well as for myself. I set up and run with the help of Alex Rae. Showcasing the best that North Wales has to offer in the great outdoors. Many of these smaller companies don't really know what they require and so I create an action plan that shows them what they can achieve with as much or as little budget and time as they want to assign. The digital age shouldn't scare you as a business, it should open many new doors and I can help you embrace that opportunity, so feel free to contact me and ask for advice and a plan to suit you!



100%Internet Strategy
100%Social Media
100%Digital Marketing
100%ASP / SQL / WordPress

Hobbies & Interests

/My Time out

Out of work, I’m a big Sport fan. Most of my time is taken up with watching my kids play sport or taking part in some activity myself. I run a website focusing on Outdoor Activities in North Wales and so like to explore new sports and activities when the opportunity arises.


I loved working with Nathan. His tireless can-do approach gave me confidence that we would overcome any issues or obstacles. In addition to his technical and creative skills, which are excellent, he’s one of life’s good guys. I can thoroughly recommend him.
Adele Divine – Marketing Director – Total Vehicle Leasing.
We didn't know where to start. Nathan built us a website in both Welsh and English and showed us how to use it to it's full potential.
BN Builders.
Huge thanks to Nathan and his team on hosting and designing our new website. Nathan has delivered a creative and stress free experience for us. They looked at our business, identified our strong points and transformed our ideas into a modern and incredibly attractive website. A detailed business plan was presented to us with no jargon and the project was live within our agreed timescales. From start to finish a very impressive service
Brymbo Conservative Club.
Without his insight and commitment the entire project would never have been possible.
J Morris.


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